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Tr. Aahana Bansal

Tr . Aahana Bansal

Aahana Bansal has done BA.B. Ed, LLB., LL.M. She resides in Bathinda (Punjab).

I became a teacher after the completion of B Ed. Firstly  I taught  kids in a primary school. They paid me only 800 rs. Per month. then I left it. After two months. Very  soon I joined a  college named as SSD. GIRLS’ COLLEGE BTI., to teach only 2 hours 2 periods  for compulsory English. They paid me 6500 /- per month.  After one year, I joined a senior Secondary school named as SSD. PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL BATHINDA there I teach all the classes morning till afternoon. Then I started my own studies and now I become an Advocate by doing a Masters LL.M  in Laws and I’m teaching law students.

All the students are very gud  no particular criteria to handle  aa today in this costly world every one knows very well what to do and what not to do.

Law is a professional  course everyone knows better for themselves.

It is gud if their parents talk to me about their child and his/ her studies. I never complain to  parents, I will scold the child  straight forward  If i feel like saying something. Gud relationship with parents.

I teach the full syllabus through notes prepared by my own hard work . and I use modern technology. I also take tests. Sometimes we all go outside, like jail visits, etc.

Now I’m writing a book.let see what happens in the future
I started my journey as a teacher just for time pass  and now I’m a good professor of law in Bathinda. I rank 2nd in the teaching learning profession. I start  teaching  morning 7.00 am till eve.

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