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 I, Aarti  Daryani, from Mumbai done D.ED from ST JOHNS HIGH SCHOOL (Goregaon west) and HSC from SNDT UNIVERSITY  from (Malad),  land here in this field of education, since last 20 years, actively involved in the education sector, working as a professional teacher, gaining experience in esteemed schools like :
St John High School (Goregaon)

Pinnacle High International School (Malad)
currently In Vibgyor High School (Goregaon)

Along with all the academic  interests, I take my main motto :

Why and when did you decide that you want to be a teacher?

Very well asked: Frankly speaking, in my childhood days, I played many a  times game of teacher- teacher which used to inspire me, but haven’t thought to go for this profession. I was interested in tours and travels and did a diploma in the year 1999 for the same. The main reason to step in this profession is my adorable MOM ,one day she was talking ,sharing about her desires and told me that `MUJHE TEACHER BANNA THA`  and from there ,that moment she decided to put me for the  teacher training  course , cause she had belief in me, that if she could not why not her daughter so she guided me with courage and motivated me for this teaching profession journey , which was successfully completed and so was  also rewarded with the certificate of diploma in ECCED and PRE-PRIMARY teachers training  in the year 2003 , that day I decided that I will become a teacher cause  of the passion and the belief in me by my mom , indeed it was also an emotional moment which today also I feel emotional when I share my journey ;finally  I saw in my mom’s eyes  and I  took up this positively and went ahead without any thought , that day was very precious and I was proud to make my mom happy and completed her desire, dream when I started my profession journey in the year 2003-2021…. and still with this profession as an educational facilitator which  makes me proud to say that,‘`I AM A TEACHER` ‘

Were there any difficulties in selecting the field ‘Teacher’ in the beginning?

Not much, but yes I was facing little complications, politics, competition, bullying, overload tasks as it was totally new experiences in the beginning for me. But challenges, opportunities, inspiration, motivation, trust, attending webinars always bring us to better growth I believe. I thought many times to quit this profession but always little kids encouragements made me strong, truly got so much love, care, support in the past 20 years in this profession from my family, relatives, classmates, class kids, my colleagues,  principal s, my mentors, teachers, HODS, coordinators, admin, I, T, department, ancillary and canteen staff who always have brought me up with their gestures, positive quotes, motivational videos, appreciation, applauds, token of handmade, customized gifts, surprises and many more showers of love.. .So whenever I feel low (especially during this covid pandemic times), I have wonderful memories which make my spirits high and so I m still landing in the field of education as an educational facilitator.

As a teacher 20 years an experience from the journey of the year that is unforgettable

So many memorable and unforgettable journeys: Summer funk dance course by SHIAMAK DAWAR,
Overnight trips, camps, picnics with my class kids and school staff,
Playing Secret Santa every month of December every  year,
Celebrations, annual concerts, culminating and sports events, projects, many more…but the most unforgettable is my first day to go to school as a child and as a teacher and yes my birthday celebration which was a surprise planned by my mentor with kids in my first year (2003) of the profession.
And yes award ceremony was the most memorable ……
Most Enthusiastic teacher certificate from PINNACLE BALAJI SCHOOL
100%attendance award from VIBGYOR HIGH SCHOOL by the hands of  SHRI  SHIM MATHEW.
Two Appreciation Awards from ST JOHN`S HIGH SCHOOL by the hands of SHRI  S.M LAL.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

I am personally thankful and grateful to the SR DALVI FOUNDATION AND DIGITAL TCHRTALK APP team and group of teachers …my heartfelt gratitude for giving me this opportunity today to mention that I was felicitated on 13 November 2021 with the token of appreciation of exemplary and dedicated service given to the above-mentioned foundation in the Maha Shikhshak Award Ceremony which was held at Nariman Point  (Mumbai) at Rangswar Auditorium,  by the Gracious Hands of SMT VARSHATAI GAIKWAD, Hon . Education Minister of School Education, Maharashtra State . The award which was my mom`s dream, I made possible with lots of struggles coming my way and happily dedicated to my dad on the stage which made me double proud daughter of my mom and dad. The moment when my name was announced, media coverage, on-screen and  I took my dad on stage for taking the award was the biggest achievement for me so far and without this foundation support, it was not possible for me to reach out till here. The touching and inspiring words of each guest on the stage motivated me further.
My second biggest achievement was the day when I got certified as Graphologist (Handwriting and Drawing Analysis ) for duly completing the graphology course with a grade’ A’ by ALC –MENTOR NIRAV PAKAI (GRAPHOLOGIST)founder, director from Mumbai, in the month of June 2021.

What do you think needs to be changed for teachers and students in society?

Without any doubt, “POSITIVE OUTLOOK”. This is the most important amongst others if we think of upgrading the society or bringing change. In simple terms, believe yourself, give a start /kick, and there you go. Forget the NO`S, NEVER`S, NOT`S; and accept that “YES I CAN DO”; And you are halfway through. The other half is a combination of your hard work and luck. Society will follow you. As rightly said by Gandhiji, “Be the change you want to see”, is absolutely practical. So, to summarise, go with the flow, accept the challenges, smile, and thank God.
Society needs future doctors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, astronomers, etc
Not a commercial profit and loss organization in the name of education. So, enjoy, explore, involve, evolve in this beautiful process of learning.
So COME, CREATE, CONNECT AND CONQUER  for your identity….
Pray. Prayers  Work Wonders.

What advice would you give to those who want to become teachers?

As it is rightly said, “Work is Worship”, so it is. I believe that whatever work you do, however big or small, is worth praise, worth an applaud because you put your heart and soul, your efforts and thoughts, your passion, and your pleasure. Work done by me, especially during covid-19 times, as an educational facilitator, make me feel proud, because I have kept intact the interest of learning amongst the kids, filled the vacuum of academics running, thus occupying their minds creatively. Life was difficult, yet made simple because we were one. We, the unsung heroes, the doctors, the municipality people, the delivery men, the drivers, ambulance assistance, etc. all made this possible. Each one has equal participation in impacting society in these challenging times. I, was thus, directly motivated by them, to work rather than weep. I am happy, I created a positive atmosphere amidst the gloomy rooms of children. I gave them activities, quizzes, puzzles, motivational thoughts, etc. to make their curious minds ask for more and more.
Thanks to Digital Teaching Learning System)-DTLS where I got a chance to explore myself too, digitally and strive continuously to teach and give knowledge. So, I would proudly, credit myself, for bringing those `SMILES` again in young tots.


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