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Tr. Anne Sullivan

Tr. Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan (B.Sc.,M .Ed.), Stays in Vashi. Teacher in St. Xavier’s High School Vashi. let us get to know story of her journey.

I really admired my third grade teacher, Mrs. Kim, and even after I left her class I still returned to her for advice and guidance over the years. It’s that sense of warmth and acceptance she provided me that inspired me to become a teacher. I want to be that person others can lean on as they navigate the rough waters of growing up.

Positive reinforcement is super important to keep a student motivated, so one thing I like to do is throw out rewards or bonuses when they perform especially well. This could be candy, or a star, or a sticker, or even just a compliment—whatever I can tell students enjoy receiving, and it’s different for everyone. I never want students to feel left out or favored, so I always try to be fair and consistent with everyone. But it’s those little moments of recognition I think that keep them happy and excited to learn.

I think it’s really important to get to know the important family members in each student’s life. Which is why at the beginning of the school year I like to have individual meetings with each student’s family. I’ll also send out a survey to get a better understanding of the student’s home life, needs, and family dynamics. Then, throughout the year, I build on that foundation by touching base to share positive updates and small wins in addition to discussing any challenges the student might be facing academically or behaviorally.

To motivate those students who are weak in studies, For me, the first step would be to pull them aside and talk about the issue privately. My main questions would get at the root cause of this student’s behavior. Once I know that, I try to work with them to come up with a solution. I used this strategy in my last classroom, where I had a student who couldn’t seem to stay in his seat during lessons and I found out that sitting still too long made him feel confined and nervous. We talked about how his behavior affected the rest of the class, and we agreed that when he was feeling really anxious he could raise his hand and I’d let him take a lap around the classroom, but only when it was appropriate. I also decided to make some of my lessons more active and hands-on so that other students could benefit from getting out of their seats every once in a while

Advice for Teachers : Work with passion, joy, and commitment to empower ALL children and help them see their uniqueness and individuals and the Oneness with all living beings. See the difficulties that you encounter as ‘challenges’, not ‘problems’. Also, work towards the empowerment of learners and help them become self-aware, able to regulate their emotions and behavior and live their lives without hatred. We can work together to help create the kind of world that Rabindranath Tagore envisaged in which the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.

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