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After completing my education I got this job at V.K.Joshi Urdu High school Karajgaon run by Burondi Karajgaon, Ladghar, Panchkroshi Shikshan Sanstha Karajgaon Tal- Dapoli Dist-Ratnagiri. Actually, it is a rural area but people are aware of education. The committee members are so active and devotional. Due to the support of our chairman Mr.Prasad Bhalchndra Bal sir and the Muslim community it happened.

From my childhood I respect teachers. In my educational life, I found so many brilliant teachers. All those teachers encouraged me to be a teacher. I was impressed by their politeness, kindness and the way they taught me and I decided to be a teacher like them. Whenever I found challenges while teaching any student, I tried my best to get the real problem and then plan a way of solving it.
For encouraging students, the digital revolution and globalization have a deep influence on education at all levels Various digital devices not only provide students with internet connections but also create more opportunities for them to get inspired, motivated, and engaged in learning activities. I used ICT tools as we as moral stories, and teaching skills for triggering students.
Yes, I used to talk with my parents. This is the way one can get so much information regarding students and it is more useful for problem-solving and much more. It’s very important for getting real success.

In the field of technology, I am still a student. I try to use various tools as much as I know. I take online classes, use word, PowerPoint, google forms, and other teaching tools, techniques and technologies also And always try to enhance the student’s knowledge.

My best achievement in my educational career is that so many students are doing jobs in the gulf some of them are engineers, teachers, and advocates rest of all are independent. They all are doing well.
As a teacher, I have had so many unforgettable moments in my career. I would like to mention that moment when our school SSC board’s result was hundred percent in 2008. Because from 2003, we all were struggling for a hundred percent result but due to so many reasons we failed, at last, we got success in march 2008 and the same year government also declared our school a hundred percent grant. Really from that day to still today our school results graph is always increasing.

I am really very thankful to the S.R.Dalvi Foundation it gives me an opportunity to share my experience with them and the training in digital literacy which they are providing for all teachers is very very useful. It’s actually a very essential need in the time in the educational field for all teachers. I wish the very best of luck to the whole team.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]

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