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Tr Sonali Takalkar

Tr. Sonali Takalkar

This interview is with Tr. Sonali Shivajirao Takalkar. She is the Director and Principal of GURUKUL ACADEMY. She has been in the EDUCATION field for the last 20 years. According to her, the teaching profession is sacred and great. The teachers not only have a wealth of knowledge, but also a noble sentiment. She is very concerned about children’s overall development and encourages them to pursue their own interests.

Teaching and working with children is her passion, and she is overjoyed to be able to work full-time in her own school. One of her educational goals is to evoke students’ inquisitiveness.

She enjoys seeing students grow and learn every day. Her parents, who faced many challenges in life but never lost sight of who they were, also inspire her. She always kept her head held high and worked hard no matter what. She recalls her previous lessons and gathers all the strength she requires.

Her passion is teaching. She is always trying out new activities and teaching methods. She expanded her school’s learning beyond the classrooms through extracurricular activities to ensure all-round development in the 2021-22 school year by establishing “CHILD CARE” (Day care) at GURUKUL ACADEMY. It’s a very unique portion designed by her.

She believes in cultivating the concept of school as a “SECOND HOME” for  little Birdies. A child spends the majority of his or her time at school, so it is critical to provide them with a spacious and comfortable environment.

On a mission to establish a school and child care where students enjoy their studies rather than seeing them as a burden.

She always gives her best effort in her work.