S R Dalvi (I) Foundation

S R Dalvi (I) Foundation

"For the Earth, of the Educators"

S R Dalvi(I) Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Smt Seeta Ramachandra Dalvi and Mr. Ramachandraa Dalvi, in gratitude to our society’s two pillars of  education and environment.

 With a dream of a sustainable and enlightened society, our foundation aims to empower teachers and instill environmental awareness among students.After family, the first person we meet is the teacher. The one our parents trust.

The one who holds students hand and takes the effort to plant the seeds of knowledge in theirminds. Teachers play an important part in nature conservation by teaching us about the environment and giving us a sense of responsibility towards it.

They motivate future generations to appreciate and preserve nature. They encourage eco-awareness, sustainable practices and a deep connection to the natural world to create a greener future.

We believe teaching to be one of the most noble jobs in the world! After all, all professions are developed today is just because of our teachers!

In our modern world, teachers are the link between education and environment. They teach us the importance of the nature. The S.R. Dalvi (I) Foundation has taken upon itself the noble task of not only promoting the honorable status of the teaching & also encouraging to prioritize the environment.

We strongly believe, education is the best and sustainable route to change India. And Teachers are the best change-angels who can influence, motivate and encourage the future generation to preserve nature.

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