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3 Investment Tips for College Students

“Catch them young” – is a perfect phrase that means good habits have to be inculcated at a young age so they last long. You as a teacher will play an important value in your students if you teach them why it is important to start investing early and how to actually do it. There’s a myth that only working class or rich people can invest. Whereas, college going students are the best investors. The advantages being:

  • They are starting early
  • Mostly don’t have much of financial burden
  • Investment in the longer run will give maximum returns

While you teach your students about the investments, here are a few tips to help them make good use of their pocket money and stipends wisely:

  • Make them understand the difference between savings and investment: In simpler terms, saving is the safe way to go which offers lower returns. Whereas, investing in small increments allows the money to grow itself and offers potential to get high Return.
  • Hold on to money: Youngster are habitual to spending all their money. But if students are willing to make an effort to save up a portion of their money and invest, all they need to do is open a brokerage account for stock investments and start day trading.
  • Teach basic concepts of investing: Terms like stocks, Mutual Funds NSE, Equity and BSE and others. Helping with these basic concepts of different variations will empower them with more new options and choices.
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