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Importance Of Appearing For Competitive Exams From An Early Age

The majority of you have probably seen the movie Three Idiots and will no doubt remember this exchange, in which the head of an institute was attempting to impart a valuable lesson on students. It is true, and one should take note of it. The battle for admission to the greatest academic institutions is becoming increasingly fierce today. It is not easy to get in. It calls for a significant amount of effort, attention, and most importantly consistency. These numbers demonstrate the realities of the fierce rivalry.

It is necessary to start taking action at a very young age in order to prepare oneself for the difficult route. Students should begin taking part in many national and international level competitive exams, regardless of their career interests. For pupils starting in first grade, several exams are being held by public or private organisations. Olympiads, the NTSE, the NMTC, and many others may be among them.


Early exposure to learning and competition boosts confidence and sharpens skills, elevating your standing in comparison to other students on the same platform.

Competitive tests will improve our ability to understand and apply concepts, which is necessary for a broader context when we take exams like JEE, NEET, Civil Service, and many more.

Examinations improve Intelligence, and logical and analytical thinking, and lay the groundwork for a successful profession.

They open doors to admission to overseas universities, including the world’s number one university, MIT. Medalists in International Olympiads have a better likelihood of admission to top-tier overseas universities than others. Several colleges have places earmarked for such scholars.

Competitive tests also aid in job selection because students begin to pinpoint their areas of interest while gaining a greater understanding of subjects.

Awards, honors, and scholarships not only provide cash aid for further study, but also enhance morale as one moves forward in life. 

There are no disadvantages to taking such competitive exams, and it is a fallacy that they can interfere with the ordinary study. An early step will outline your path to success.

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