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Lessons about Organ Donation to be Added to NCERT Textbooks

After the introduction of the National Education Policy (NEP), continuous changes are taking place in education. NCERT is also bringing changes to its syllabus. Now NCERT will include chapters on organ donation in school textbooks so that students will be aware. Having information about organ donation in school education itself, students can help people around them and can also save people’s lives. 

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recently prepared a syllabus on Organ Donation and the same is being monitored by a panel of experts. It has been told NCERT that the objective of this syllabus is to increase awareness of organ donation among students. It is considered most important to include chapters on Organ Donation in the syllabus. Young school students will be helped to understand the process of organ donation.

It is necessary for the students to have the right understanding related to organ donation.

It has been seen many times that there is a lack of awareness among Indians about organ donation. If we educate students at the school level, then more and more people can be made aware. It is necessary to tell the students who can donate and which organs can be donated. General English and regional language should also be included in the textbooks and in each chapter students need to consider organ donation-related problems and their solutions. 

Over the past decade, several interactive sessions have been organized in more than 200 schools in Delhi and Haryana to raise awareness of organ donation. We have seen that students are curious about that subject and after getting information related to organ donation, they ask to share it with other people as well. This education can bring awareness from students to their families and friends.

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