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Who is Palam Kalyanasundaram?

The beauty of this man’s kindness is beyond words. Palam Kalyanasundaram, an 81-year-old librarian, demonstrates to the world that wealth does not guarantee success and notoriety. Because of your charity, you become well-known and are looked up to by the public.

Why don’t such people get Bharat Ratna !!! What to say don’t go by behavior, looks, and clothes !!!! And read if you see a 73-year-old normal person on the road never underestimate him. Perhaps the philanthropic old man’s name is Kalyanasundaram, who donated the prize money of Rs 30 crores for the education and health of poor students.
We hear the names of film actors and cricketers who earn thousands of crores and never spend even 1-2 crores for society, but 30 crores for society.

During the Indo-Pak war of 1962, Pandit Nehru appealed to the nation to help the country with a generous hand on air. Kalyan Sundaram from Vichy was so inspired by that speech that he went to meet Chief Minister Kamaraj. He gave the gold chain around his neck as help. Later the Chief Minister felicitated him. Later that boy learned a lot. MA has done Gold Medal Winner in Library Science.

Kalyan Sundaram never took a salary for himself even after working as a college librarian for 35 years. He used to spend his salary on the education of poor students. Kalyan Sundaram retired in 1998 after 35 years of service. He also donated Rs 10 lakh pension received. Even after that, he continued to earn money by working as a waiter in a hotel – to help the children.

America and UNO took note of his work and honored him by giving him the title of “Man of the Millennium”. An organization in America gave him as much as 30 crore rupees as a reward. He also donated that huge amount.

Even today, Kalyan Sundaram is involved in social work. Sometimes they collect garbage and sometimes old clothes from people and feel needy. Unfortunately, it is the country’s misfortune that we are not inspired by them. I sincerely respect this man for what he has done for the less fortunate. He never sought fame, but the fact that he was so generous to others made him renowned.

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