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Best Apps for Teacher-Parent Communication

In the traditional schooling system, the interaction between teachers and parents was limited to parent-teacher meetings or other major school events. Parents were not actively involved in the daily classroom activities. Teachers too faced limitations in providing feedback to the parents on a regular basis.

However, this has changed as parents are now more concerned about their child’s learning outcomes and wish to participate in the process actively. Parent-teacher apps have made this easy and teachers can now keep the parents updated about students’ performance or progress more frequently.

Building a positive parent-teacher relationship through proactive communication has never been easier. Here is a list of parent-teacher communication apps that encourage active engagement between students, teachers, and parents.

1. Skool Loop :

Skool Loop is a communication app to make the flow of information between parents and schools friction-free. Skool Loop App was developed to meet increased parent-teacher demand for simple communication between school staff and families. The app is completely free to use for schools and parents.
There are school-to-parent tools for keeping parents informed. A school calendar makes dates and events easy to track, instant notices push urgent messages to the school community, and newsletters engage and update parents. Schools can lock / passphrase their school apps to create an exclusive school  communication portal, privatising communication with teachers and parents.

2. Bloomz (Available on Android, iPhone, iPad)

Bloomz is a free and popular parent-teacher app that helps create a supportive classroom community and is time-saving for teachers in parent communications. By using this parent-teacher app, schools can make a more consistent, reliable, and effective system to facilitate communication between parents and teachers.
Bloomz is a messaging app with multiple functions that aid teachers to do things like giving classroom-related updates to parents or sending them reminders that need their attention. Bloomz’s advantage is that it helps teachers and parents to stay in a tight loop and makes it easy to share students’ performance and progress.

3. Klassly (Available on Android, iPhone, iPad)

Klassly is a free and easy-to-use parent-teacher app that helps parents and teachers communicate better. It is a multi-use platform that enables sharing of documents, homework, surveys, event information, photos, asking questions, booking appointments, etc.
Klassly’s user experience is more like a typical social networking platform with a focus on the interaction between teachers and parents. It helps parents to understand their child’s learning outcomes better through quick check-ins through documentation, pictures, events, appointments, and more.

4. ParentSquare (Available on Android, iPhone, iPad)

ParentSquare is a free app that provides a safe platform for parents and teachers to talk to each other about school activities. It is one of the best parent-teacher apps that enable effective communication between parents and streamlines communication between teachers, school administrators, and support staff.
ParentSquare provides multiple functions like facilitating communication, collaboration and increasing engagement in the school community. This app can be used by students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and staff members and provides a virtual space where important communications and interactions can take place.

5. Remind (Available on Android, iPhone, iPad)

Remind is a simple and free-to-use parent-teacher app that offers teachers a safe space to instantly communicate with students and their parents. It is one of the best parent-teacher apps which enables teachers to schedule reminders for a future date to remind students and their parents what needs attention like assignments to be completed, and things to bring or remember.
With the help of this app, teachers can send messages to their students regarding assignments, reminders for upcoming tests or even pictures of textbooks that need attention. They can send messages individually or to the entire class or to multiple classes at the same time depending on the requirement.

6. ClassDojo (Android, iPhone, iPad)

ClassDojo is a free app that helps teachers keep their parents informed about their children’s performance. It is one of the best parent-teacher apps which is designed to help teachers communicate effectively with parents and to improve students’ learning outcomes.
With the help of this app, you can share positive feedback with students or encourage students by imparting educational values. Teachers can share photos, videos, and announcements on Class Story or can also send private messages to parents. The messaging app helps teachers and parents to communicate with each other in real-time safely.

Today, effective communication between teachers and parents has become very crucial for better learning outcomes. It’s never been this easy, thanks to a range of options available for parent-teacher apps.

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