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Exam-Anxiety-Fear-Causes-Consequences and Remedies

What would have happened if there had been no exams? This thought always comes into the minds of school-going children. Especially those children who are not interested in studies. Or those children who fail somewhere despite studying. Students have to face many exams during their school life, like test exams, mid-term exams, and annual exams, but also oral exams, recitation exams, science experiment exams, drawing, PT. Exams Children have to face numerous exams.

Students feel relieved when the exam is over. If there were no exams, a person would have learned happily. Do not force children to pass exams. Scientists like Einstein failed their exams many times but still succeeded. So we don’t need to force children to pass exams. On hearing exams, the immediate thought that comes to kids’ minds is to study hard. Sometimes one wishes that there is no exam so that these stressful moments do not occur.

Students will be happy, and the burden of exam fear, hard work, and sleepless nights will go away. Examination or test, its information is conducted to improve and improve learning.

An examination is a test of knowledge in a particular subject. An exam is a formal test. An examination is taken or given to show your knowledge, skill, aptitude, progress, qualification, or ability in a particular subject or to obtain a qualification in that subject. It consists of a series or a set of questions of various forms to test the knowledge of a person, to assess the knowledge properly.

A test taker may develop testophobia if he or she becomes overly anxious or fearful before an important exam, during an exam, after an exam, or regularly. It is also commonly known as Exenophobia or Exam Fever.

Testophobia is an irrational fear of exams, which is different from usual anxiety. These include feeling more restless than usual, especially in everyday life, resulting in insomnia due to constant worry. Panic and anxiety attacks can occur as frequently as panic disorder.

Anxiety is a common thing among students. Especially when a very important exam is approaching, a subject paper in the exam is difficult or the time of the exam result is approaching, students are found to be more anxious.

In the Indian education system, the examination is considered to be the centerpiece of evaluation, so the examination is given unique importance. Due to this, parents, students, and teachers have different attitudes toward exams. Parents expect good grades from students, so teachers also educate students with the view that exams are important.

The Indian examination system is plagued with fear and anxiety and most teachers and parents use fear to entice children to study. Here are some important tips to overcome the exam anxiety.

Exams in India create a completely different atmosphere. From parents to students, everyone is under stress. Deep down, the reason for this is the increasing competition and comparison of scores. While parents stress about their social status, innocent children watch their parents go through this phase. Apart from this, peer pressure and school pressure make the situation worse.

Exam fear is a common thing that you can find in every exam-appearing student. Although this is not very unusual, it has a negative effect when we take our exams. The main reason is the mental pressure on the students. Expectations of parents and teachers from students.Special: Parents and teachers expect more marks in board exams. Students who face board exams develop exam fear or stress. Due to this, they will not be able to perform well.

No one can stop you from getting good marks if you study planned from the beginning of the academic year without fear or hesitation. Everyone has a genius, use it properly. Don’t say I don’t have enough time. There is only one rule of life: never give up. Think of a problem as an opportunity. Do something your future self will thank you for. Don’t think about tomorrow, think about the task at hand. The best way to predict the future is to be prepared. Wake up with determination and sleep with contentment. Defeat is the greatest test of courage on earth. Don’t strain your mind, give your full effort, and the rest will happen automatically. Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” So Norman Vaughn says, “Dream big and dare to fail.”

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