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How to improve writing speed?

We study a lot throughout the year. Answers to big questions. Your studies are 100 percent complete. But still why we are not getting 100 percent marks? Because we often lag behind due to our writing speed. Often your entire paper is not written. Answers to many questions remain to be written. Answers are coming but you can’t write. We don’t have enough time because we are writing at a snail’s pace. Today we are going to discuss how to increase the speed of writing, how to bring the speed of the tortoise to the speed of the rabbit. For this, keep the following points in mind.

The pen you use –
Friends, the pen you use plays a very important role in your writing speed. So it would be best if you chose the right pen for writing the paper. It is not important how the pen looks but how it writes and how fast we can write. So preferably you should use a lightweight pen. Using a heavy-weight pen slows down your writing speed and also hurts your hands after some time, so always use a lightweight ball pen while writing. Use a pen that fits your hand properly, not too thick but not too thin.

Do not place the tip of the pen behind the pen while writing –
Many students keep the pen cap on the back of the pen while writing a paper or doing homework or anything. So even the extra weight of that tip can slow down your writing speed. So while writing anything, do not place the tip of the pen on the back of the pen as much as possible.

The grip of the pen should be correct –
Often, when we write a lot, our fingers get sweaty, which makes it difficult to hold the pen. So preferably the grip of the pen should be good.

Practice is very important –
After reciting the answer to a question, we often try to remember it and practice. Also we should practice writing daily. So that your writing speed increases.

Do not exert too much force while holding the pen and writing –
Some children grip the pen too tightly while others write with too much pressure on the notebook. So don’t do this because it also slows down your writing speed. So try to hold the pen lightly and write with a light hand.

Use the same pen throughout the year and exam –
Often we use a pen throughout the year and at the time of an exam someone gives us a pen as a gift and we write with that new pen. But preferably don’t do that. The same pen that you use throughout the year should be used for the exam.

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