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No one can stop you from succeeding in life if you find yourself…

We all have the same purpose in life. Everyone’s goal is also the same, to be remembered by the world as a good person. We all want to live a happy, prosperous and contented life. Here every person wants to be successful. Along with this, the family also wants to be well-being. Whether the person lives in the village or in the city, whether the person is rustic, uneducated, or has the highest degrees in the world, all have the same desire that I should be happy, prosperous, and successful and that people should remember me as a good person when I am gone. Everyone should expect this, indeed.

But there is another truth, we have all these expectations, and we wish for big dreams to come true, but to make those dreams and expectations come true, we have to put in as much effort, as much as we have to work, as much as we have to put in as much energy, as much as we have to. We are not ready to pay the price. This is equally true.

If the desire for success, prosperity, happiness, and satisfying life is hidden in the corner of the mind, then life has to give something special.

If you ask yourself some questions, you will surely get the answers.

Do you have five minutes a day to give yourself?
Are we ready to change lives?
Do we love ourselves?
Do we tolerate our own humiliation?
Are we tolerating self-deprecation?
Do we tolerate abuse from people?
What are the answers to the above questions?

We have time to give to the world, we have time to gossip with others, we have time to discuss other people’s affairs, we have time to discuss politics back and forth, we have time to talk about cricket, we have time to discuss what happened with whom. Yes, we have time to talk about corruption, and accidents, we talk to many people. We talk every day, to the extent that we spend a lot of time on inanimate things like WhatsApp, and Facebook, on Facebook we are in the mood of making and developing friendships with strangers, many people today. They take time to watch the same breaking news on TV, again and again, today we take time to watch conspiracies, accidents, and fatal serials on TV. We stay up night after night to watch web series on YouTube.

But the truth is, we don’t have time to sit alone and talk to ourselves. The least amount of time is for yourself! We have never developed the habit of sitting alone with ourselves. To tell the truth, what is solitude, we do not know the definition of solitude.
Our solitude is in front of the TV or in the cell phone. It is a law of nature that something that we don’t have time for will develop, why will it become successful? If you have five minutes to give yourself, and in these five minutes, talk to yourself and ask yourself, what do I want to achieve? Where do you want to go in life? What dreams do you want to fulfill? What achievements do you want to achieve?

It won’t take long for us to understand the meaning of our lives because of such basic questions. ‘You’ are not a frivolous thing, the one who created us and sent us on earth sent us for a special purpose. We have not yet understood the purpose of our life, because till now we have never focused on ourselves, our entire focus has always been outside. One who knows how to focus on himself, his whole outlook on life changes.

So today is the time to do yourself a favor, if you love yourself, take a few minutes each day to sit in solitude, reflect and think about anything but yourself. As for making yourself a VIP, do it by being a VIP yourself. When we start taking a few minutes for ourselves in life, life will begin to change from that moment.

So it’s settled, isn’t it? The first decision today is to make time for yourself! Five minutes, pure five minutes! For yourself only for yourself!

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