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These apps should be in every farmer’s mobile

Rural India is moving fast towards digitization and technology these days. The same Government of India is also emphasizing on increasing broadband and mobile services in rural and remote areas of the country. Farmers are also rapidly gathering information about farming through social media and mobile and earning huge profits by using them in their farming. At the same time, there are many such mobile apps in which information related to agriculture is available in simple language.

In such a situation, if you are a farmer and you have a smartphone or are at home, then definitely download these three Agriculture Mobile Apps from Google Play Store- 

Benefits of having an Agriculture Mobile App on the phone 

At present, the Agriculture Mobile App is the most convenient and useful medium to guide farmers in farming. In this, information about the proper scientific method of cultivation, sowing, or harvesting of any crop or vegetables and how to protect crops from insect or pest attacks is also easily available. In simple language, Agriculture mobile app can be the best friend of the farmers in farming which can increase their productivity without spending a single penny. 

Meghdoot App: 
Meghdoot App’, which has been jointly released by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Earth Sciences. Along with the weather, all the information about agriculture and animal husbandry is also available in this app. This app gives much information about when it is going to rain, how the weather is going to be in your area, and when to sow which crop. Through this app, farmers can take care of their crops and animals. of  2021 Research Institute (IARI) to help in getting information about the technologies developed. Apart from this, the Pusha Krishi app also provides information related to new varieties of crops, resource-conserving farming as well as farm machinery.

Mkisan App : 
This mobile app has been developed by the IT team of DAC with the help of C-DAC Pune. The government has also created the M-Kisan platform where government officials and experts give their advice. Farmers can get the advice of these officers and experts on the mKisan app. For this, the farmer will not need to go to the mKisan platform. Information about farming and crop advisory, weather conditions, etc. can be found through experts on the mKisan app.

Weather Forecast App:
A reliable weather forecast app is crucial for farmers to make informed decisions about their agricultural activities. Such apps provide accurate weather predictions, including temperature, rainfall, wind speed, humidity, and other relevant data. With this information, farmers can plan their planting, harvesting, irrigation, and pesticide application schedules effectively. They can also take precautions against extreme weather events like storms or frost, reducing the risk of crop damage and optimizing their yield.

Crop Management App:
A crop management app helps farmers monitor and track their crops throughout the growing season. It allows them to record essential data such as crop variety, planting dates, fertilization schedules, pest and disease occurrences, and harvest information. Farmers can analyze trends, identify potential issues, and optimize their farming practices by maintaining a digital record of their crops. The app can provide timely reminders for important tasks and offer valuable insights into crop performance, helping farmers make data-driven decisions to improve their productivity and profitability.

Market Information App:
A market information app lets farmers stay updated with the latest agricultural market trends, prices, and demands. It provides information on commodity prices, local and international market trends, nearby buyers and sellers, and agricultural news. By accessing real-time market data, farmers can make informed decisions about when to sell their produce, where to find the best prices, and which crops are in high demand. This empowers farmers to negotiate better prices, reduce post-harvest losses, and plan their planting accordingly to meet market demands.

Benefits of these apps for farmers:

Improved decision-making: Farmers can make informed decisions based on accurate weather forecasts, crop data, and market information, leading to optimized resource allocation and increased profitability.

Enhanced productivity:
By leveraging these apps, farmers can streamline their farming operations, reduce wastage, and implement best practices, resulting in improved productivity and higher crop yields.

Risk mitigation:
The apps provide valuable insights into potential risks, such as adverse weather conditions or pest outbreaks, enabling farmers to take proactive measures to protect their crops and minimize losses.

Time and cost savings:
Digital record-keeping, automated reminders, and market information at their fingertips save farmers time and effort in managing their crops, reducing manual paperwork, and optimizing their marketing strategies.

Access to wider markets:
Market information apps connect farmers to a broader network of buyers, allowing them to explore new market opportunities and expand their customer base beyond their local area.

By utilizing these apps, farmers can harness the power of technology to enhance their farming practices, make informed decisions, and thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

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