S R Dalvi (I) Foundation

Bridging Education and the Environment"

"You Can Never See A Plant Grow But They Do ."


“Empowering both the natural world and education, fostering awareness, sustainability, and responsible stewardship, for a harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment.”


The primary goal of the S.R. Dalvi (I) Foundation, dedicated to education and environment, is to empower individuals through education while encouraging environmental awareness and sustainable practices for a brighter, greener future.

S R Dalvi (I) Foundation

"For the Earth, of the Educators"

The S R Dalvi (I) Foundation, a non profit organisation, is established by Smt. Seeta Ramachandra Dalvi and her husband Ramachandraa Dalvi, as a gratitude to two pillars of our society: education and the environment. With a vision for a sustainable and enlightened future, our foundation focuses on empowering teachers and fostering environmental consciousness among learners.

After our family, teacher is the first person we get introduced to, whom our parents trust. Teacher hold our hand and takes efforts of planting the seed of knowledge in our mind.  Teachers play a vital role in nature conservation by imparting knowledge about the environment and instilling a sense of responsibility toward it in their students. They inspire future generations to value and protect nature, promote eco-consciousness, sustainable practices, and a deep connection with the natural world, ensuring a greener future.

We truly believe that teaching is one of the noblest professions. After all, all professionals are created by teachers!

In today’s world, teachers are like the bridge between learning and knowing how to take care of our environment. They help us understand the importance of protecting nature, which keeps us alive.

The S.R. Dalvi (I) Foundation has taken upon itself the noble task of not only promoting the honorable status of the teaching profession but also encouraging knowledgeable individuals to prioritize it as their first choice. Simultaneously, it strives to instill a profound sense of reverence for nature and the environment among both educators and students.

We strongly believe, education is the best and sustainable route to change India. And Teachers are the best change-angels who can influence, motivate and encourage the future generation.

" Teachers are
Of Our Nature "

Our Mission

The mission of the S R Dalvi (I) Foundation revolves around empowering teachers and championing environmental conservation.

By investing in the development of teachers and advocating for sustainable practices, the foundation is actively working towards creating a better future.

Joining hands with the S R Dalvi Foundation means contributing to positive change and making a lasting impact on society and the environment

Our Vision

The vision of the S R Dalvi (I) Foundation is to transform education into a powerful tool for environmental awareness and action.

We aspire to empower teachers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to cultivate environmentally conscious citizens, encouraging  a sustainable future where the environment is protected and cherished through education.


We aim to give every teacher due recognition, reward them for their achievement and nurture sense of fulfilment. Hence, we have created few welfare programs for our teachers.

Digital Empowerment

We have established a network of digital  learning resources that equips teachers with latest digital tools to guide and enhance the skills of teachers.


Program to acknowledge and recognise teachers who work relentlessly and selflessly in the larger interests of the students.


We have formed meaningful partnerships and affiliates in the industry to bring economic opportunities to a teachers and their family members.


‘TCHR Talk’, is a digital platform interfaced with an innovative App developed exclusively for the teacher community to interact and opine on subjects of education, share experiences, support learning, share their achievements and help improvise on curriculum.

Maha Shikshak Award


Let's connect, share and grow on TCHR Talk App

TCHR Talk is a social media platform exclusively for teachers. TCHR Talk platform enhances the teacher’s experience by connecting with fellow teachers, sharing ideas, having discussions with other teachers, setting up opinion polls, registering for events, putting up their queries and grievances, being a part of various committees, webinars, and receive teacher-related updates.


पेला खाली ठेवा

पेला खाली ठेवा

एका शिक्षकाने पाण्याने भरलेला पेला हातात घेऊन आपल्या वर्गातील शिकवणी ला सुरुवात केली. त्याने तो पेला हातात वर उचलून सर्व...
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Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy

सुधा मूर्ती एक अभियांत्रिकी शिक्षिका,  कन्नड, इंग्रजी आणि मराठी पुस्तकांची लेखिका . आपल्या पुस्तकांद्वारे, त्यांनी तरुण आणि वृद्ध दोघांनाही जीवनाचा...
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How to Make an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

How to Make an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

How to Make an Effective PowerPoint Presentation Considering the times of pandemic, online teaching is in trend. Dr.NayanBheda conducted hands-on...
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कामगारांची सुरक्षितता एका शिक्षकाचा ध्यास- श्री रोहन मोरेश्वर होमकर

कामगारांची सुरक्षितता एका शिक्षकाचा ध्यास- श्री रोहन मोरेश्वर होमकर

आपल्या आयुष्यात स्वप्न बघून त्यांना साकारायचा प्लॅन बनवून त्यावर घेतल्या गेलेल्या कृतींमुळे आपल्याला आयुष्यात यश मिळते व आपण आपल्या यशस्वी...
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सुधा मूर्ती एक अभियांत्रिकी शिक्षिका,

सुधा मूर्ती एक अभियांत्रिकी शिक्षिका,

सुधा मूर्ती एक अभियांत्रिकी शिक्षिका, कन्नड, इंग्रजी आणि मराठी पुस्तकांची लेखिका . आपल्या पुस्तकांद्वारे, त्यांनी तरुण आणि वृद्ध दोघांनाही जीवनाचा...
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शिक्षक देत आहेत रुग्णांना मानसिक आधार

शिक्षक देत आहेत रुग्णांना मानसिक आधार

547 शिक्षक करत आहेत रुग्णांना मदत. इतर वेळेस वर्गात जे शिक्षक मुलांच्या प्रगितिचा कणा बनतात ते आज या कोरोनाच्या परिस्थितीत...
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आज आपण श्रीमती.वनिता लिला चंद्रभान दयाटे (M.Sc(Chemistry),M.A(English),M.A.(Education),B.Ed,D.S.M,P.Hd in Education (continue) यांच्या शिक्षिका प्रवासाबद्दल जाणून घेणार आहोत. 

मला शिक्षक व्हावेसे मी 4थीत असताना वाटायचे.कारण आम्हाला 1ली ते 4 थी पर्यंत शिकविणारे श्री.पालवे गुरुजी खूप कडक शिस्तीचे व कर्तव्यनिष्ठ होते. त्यांच्या वर्गातील विद्यार्थ्यांची ते इतकी तयारी करून घेत की विद्यार्थी हुशार म्हणूनच गणले जायचे,कारण चार वर्षे मुल त्यांच्याकडे शिकत होते.त्यांच्या व्यक्तिमत्वाकडे बघून नेहमी वाटायचे की आपणही असेच काम करायचे.



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