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Mind Gym – Webinar by Manashakti

Sukrut is a life-devotee of Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavala. He is an Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer from Mumbai University and a management graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. After working in Bangalore in the field of Internet Advertising in a start-up, he turned towards the pursuit of knowledge at Manashakti.

At Manashakti, he looks after the Management of the newly launched project ‘Mind Gym’ as well as Digitization and IT related projects such as App Development, Website Development and so on.

He is a regular speaker at sessions conducted by Manashakti, Lonavala. His lecture topics include: Stress Management, Parenting, Study Success for Children, Managing Jealousy and so on. He also writes in the Manashakti magazine and is also involved in conducting lectures outside Maharashtra.

Webinar Topic :
Mind Gym : Train your Brain, Change your Mind.

Key Points :
– Understanding Brain Waves for Mind / Brain Capacity Enhancement
– Importance and Methods of achieving Concentration for Success in Life and Studies
– Importance and Methods of achieving Meditation, i.e. Inner Relaxation and Peace of Mind for Emotional Self Control, Leadership and Personality Development
– How to train the Mind using BioFeedback based on Brain Waves
– How this training, present at Manashakti’s new centre, ‘Mind Gym’ helps in achieving the same
– Other parameters to understand the impact of Thoughts and Emotions on the Body
– Simple yet Effective, Scientific Solutions for Students / Teachers to follow at Home to Improve Brain and Mind Capacity

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